Jason T. Smith

Thrifter, eBay Seller Mentor, YouTube host of Thrifty Business

America’s #1 Thrift Hunter”, Jason T. Smith, has sourced it all and sold it all. Jason lives in fabulous Las Vegas and has thrifted treasures from every corner of the U.S. For the last 17 years, he has victoriously survived a rapidly changing business he started on Ebay and Amazon and one that flourishes today.

He experienced his public rise to fame, as the fun loving and adventurous half of TV’s Thrift Hunters duo (Spike TV). Jason however has been thrifting his entire life and he has turned his passion into a lucrative career that has opened many doors for him socially and professionally. Jason is a champion of all things small business and he speaks and trains all over the country helping other entrepreneurs and hobby enthusiast turn their passions into profits.

Jason was called to Washington DC, twice, to present in front of the U.S. Congress and lobby on behalf of small business owners in support of the Marketplace Fairness Act. Jason is the founder of “The Thrifting Board” Facebook group with more than 42,000 members and the co-host host of the Youtube shows “https://www.facebook.com/ThriftyBusinessWithJay/ and "Selling Past Your Expiration Date, Being Thrifty Over 50". While thrifting is his passion his true love is for all things tiki. When he is not thrifting or teaching you will find him set up at a local tiki bar drinking his favorite rum cocktail. To find out when Jason is teaching a thrift / Ebay class near you, visit http://www.jasontsmithvegas.com/ for all the details.

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