Cliff Ennico

Small Business Expert, Lawyer, Author, Speaker on e-Commerce Strategies

Attorney, author, small business evangelist, syndicated columnist, speaker, television personality and humorist, Cliff Ennico ( is considered one of North America's foremost small business experts, and has helped more than 20,000 small businesses get off the ground over the past 40 years. Best known as the former host of Money Hunt, the popular 1990's PBS television series for entrepreneurs (widely considered a precursor to SharkTank®), Cliff is the author of “Succeeding in Your Business”, a weekly nationally syndicated newspaper and online column for business owners, and is a frequent contributor to Entrepreneur and other small business magazines. His legal and tax videos for entrepreneurs can be seen on YouTube, (, search for “Cliff Ennico”), and many small business websites worldwide. A former Wall Street lawyer and business consultant, Cliff is the author of sixteen books on entrepreneurship, small business success and online strategies, including The eBay Business Answer Book, The eBay Seller’s Tax and Legal Answer Book, Small Business Survival Guide, Money Hunt: 27 New Ways to Create and Build a Breakaway Business, and Advising eBusinesses. His latest book, The Crowdfunding Handbook, is the first book in print on equity crowdfunding and raising capital on the Internet under the new JOBS Act regulations. To learn more about Cliff's books and other information products, go to
A former faculty member of eBay University, Cliff speaks internationally on e-commerce strategies and the legal, tax and business issues involving in selling products and services on eBay, Amazon and other online platforms.

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