Andy Slamans

Amazon Private Label Brand Builder

Andy Slamans- Andy Slamans, best known in the Amazon space as a gifted Private Label brand builder, is equally adept at arbitrage. Whether scooping up online arbitrage deals at Home Depot or buying Legos, Nerf guns and more, Andy keeps his hand in all things Amazon. Twelve months ago he sold a very successful brand in order to push all his chips in on a new private label brand he and Nathan Slamans created together.” In January they passed the $1 million rolling 12 months. They merchant fulfill 80% of their products and will end 2020 at $3 million dollars in sales for this brand. He has been selling on Amazon for 6 years, has zero regular employees and 3 Amazon approved selling accounts. Prior to his Amazon days, Andy was a full-time houseparent after earning his degree in social work. His inspirational and motivational speeches are pivot points for many Amazon conferences.

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